CHUCK 2147



Our team’s greatest resource is the time our members and mentors volunteer. 

We go to neighborhood events such as Millwood Daze, the West Valley Block Party, and ValleyFest to show the people who pay for us to go to school the great things FIRST teaches us. We also go to citywide community events such as First Night and Hoopfest to show off our robot and the FIRST program to the people of Spokane and beyond. 

In order to ensure FIRST continues to grow, our team aids young  FLL, Minds-I teams, as well as beginning and mentoring new FTC teams in our district Additionally, we created the Inland Northwest STEM Exhibition - held each spring hosting Minds-I teams as they compete in their yearly challenge, and inviting FLL, FRC, and FTC teams to come together and hang out with each other, their robots, and the community.

We also build robots for school spirit events, work at the GEAR UP scholarship fair, help at FLL competitions around Spokane, and actively pursue teams to mentor in FLL, FRC, and Minds-I. 

By supporting these organizations, our team encourages growth  on a steady basis with the comfort of knowing they have Team 2147’s full support. 

In the interest of our team members getting the most out of their FIRST experience, our program includes BCT (Basic Chuck Training), team building exercises, team lunches, and a leadership team. 

By having a leadership team, members   learn how to be influential leaders and giving  those who follow them a voice and resource. 

Team 2147 uses our time effectively to benefit our community, FIRST, and team members. 


Stem camp

Something that is very important to our team is inspiring and educating youth about the world of robotics and engineering. In summer of  2017, we hosted a four day STEM camp for kids ages five through twelve . During our time together, kids used lego build sets to learn the engineering design process, experience trial and error, and understand what it feels like to succeed in an engineering project.  

Interested in Attending?